Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #76

<<From: rrs0062 at ibm_net (Mark A. Thompson)
Date: Wed, 17 May 1995 18:39:07 -0500
Subject: DIY CO2 in 90 gal.

I'm thinking about trying the yeast/sugar water setup [...] but I'm concerned
about the depth of my tank.  My intake is
close to 18 inches under water.  Will the DIY setup produce sufficient

As long as your seal is good, yes.  I use a drip irigation tap to punch a
hole in the bottle top, cut flexible airline tubing at an angle, poke the
point through & grab it with pliers, and pull hard to get the tubing firmly
through the hole (1-2" hanging into the bottle).  Best seal I've been able to
obtain - and there's no drying/curing time!  My lager yeast brew + this seal
makes a steady stream of tiny bubbles through a very fine "glass-bead" type
airstone (plenty of resistance right there) which is placed 16" deep.

Anne Hull Seales
[my first response on this list - please forgive if AOL or I ****ed it up