Re: Acid buffer

> Has anyone else tried Seachem's phosphate-free acid buffer?
> I got tired of trying to use peat to lower the pH in my 125 gal tank so I
> tried this acid buffer.  Over the last week I managed to decrease the pH
> from 7.2 to 6.6, however, I found that the KH decreased from 6 to 0.75!

Any idea of what is in the buffer?  Some folks need a way to reduce KH
and it looks like this may be it. 

> How can I increase the KH and CO2 now?  I don't really want to raise the
> pH though - or is this going to be unavoidable? 

Adding KH will raise the pH and a proper amount of CO2 will lower it,
giving you a way to acheive the pH you need with the proper CO2
levels.  Baking soda will rais the KH and will not affect the GH. 
Add small amounts (1/2 tsp) and recheck KH until you have what you