Re: CO2 loss

> Looks like most of it is lost through the open surfaces in the tank and
> filter. I also thought about minimal, but constant loss through the TF,
> but even at a pH difference of 0.02 units (which I would have detected)
> the daily loss would only ammount to about 16 grams of CO2. So that's not
> so bad. 

This number sounds about right.  In my "CO2 Loss" experiment, I
figured our 90 gallon tank would use about 29 grams per day.

> Two questions are still out for grabs: Is five crossocheilus siamensis
> not enough 

Five sounds like a good number but I would suggest adding OTHER types
of algae eaters also.  I have always figured that different species
have evolved to prefer certain algae types and a one-fish-does-all
doesn't exist.  We have had excellent success with Farlowella acus
(stick catfish).  The SAEs have a "nibbling" type mouth and the
Farlies have a "rasping" type mouth.  In our 120g, a couple a Farlies
cleaned up some serious velvety green algae on the glass that SAEs
didn't bother with.

> anybody have any experience with making their own plant
> fertilizer (Fe EDTA and trace elements)?

There have been some reports of people trying it but I don't remember
many follow-up reports of success.