Problem with Amazon Sword

I have had a complete high tech 180 gal plant tank up and running for
about 3 months now and have had some mixed results. I was hoping that
someone could give me some advice on why I might be having less then
perfect results.

The problem that I am having is primarily with the swords (I know
these are suppose to be easier). The Echinodorus Bleheri has never looked
good (older leaves turn almost completely red and die) and the Echinodorus 
Uruguayensis has been slightly better, but its older leaves have been 
dieing back as well. The pygmy chain sword has been recovering, but also
not going as quickly as I expected. All plants came from George Booth's
tanks so I know they started out life in good condition and it is a local
drive so I don't think they have been stressed. I have also been having
some algae problems, but heavy water changes have been keeping those in 

The tank is setup with the following:
    * (8) 4' bulbs arranged in an overlapping pattern, 5" over the open top.
      Two of the lights run from 7am-10pm and the rest from 8am to 9:30pm.
      The bulbs include:
             ************************            (GE)
             ************************            (triton)
                      ************************   (ultralume)
                      ************************   (ultralume)
             ************************            (ultralume)
             ************************            (ultralume)
                      ************************   (ultralume)
                      ************************   (triton)

    * Dupla ungravel heating (on/off timer as controller)/Ebo-jager 
    * 4" of TexBlast with Dupla Laterite in bottom 1/3
    * W/D filter
    * CO2 injection with sandpoint controller
      (note: I don't have the reactor hooked up yet, so I just bubble 
      the CO2 into the pump)
    * Automatic water change (~10% daily) with ~50% change 1 per week
    * Daily Dupla Plant drops (10drops)
    * DuplaPlant tabs at the big water changes

The chemistry (last time I checked) is:
	* PH 6.94  (Kordon & Sandpoint)
	* GH 7.0   (tetra)
	* KH 3.5   (tetra)    [CaCO3 69ppm (Lamotte)]
	* CO2 11.5ppm (Lamotte)
	* Temp 82F
	* Nitrate/Nitrite/Ammonia -Low to zero (kordon)

The fish load is moderate with 9 SAEs, 5 otto's, 3 mollies, 25 cardinal
tetra's, 3 cory's, 2 large angels and 1 discus (I know I shouldn't keep 
the discus with the angels, but they have lived together for over a year).

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Ted Fidder.