Newsgroup: is this the consensus?

Today, I scanned all the messages on this list about creating a plant
newsgroup, as well as all the email I received. It seems to me we have
a consensus to:

1. go ahead with the creation of the newsgroup
2. retain the mailing list

If people think I am misreading the sentiment on this mailing list,
let me know in no uncertain terms :-).  Otherwise, I'll forward this
message to Dustin.

I have said that I would like to get out of the job of administering
the list, but I'll continue till someone else can take over.

Dustin also wanted some stats on the plant mailing list, so here they
are, as of May 13, 1995:

Average messages per day  :   9
Current subscriber count  : 196
Average # lines / message :  26