Want to create an aquatic-plant newsgroup?

Hi folks,

I believe a Request for Discussion (RFD) will be issued soon for a
reorganization of Usenet newsgroup rec.aquaria.  For those who are not
familiar with the ways of Usenet, the RFD is the first step in the
re-organization process.  After a discussion period, a Call for Votes
(CFV) will be issued.  The whole process takes about three months.

What do you think about converting the mailing list into a regular
newsgroup called rec.aquaria.plants?  We currently have almost 200
subscribers, and if build a consensus and vote in significant numbers,
we can pretty much decide the outcome of any vote on rec.aquaria.plants.

I am all for a new newsgroup, because:

1.  I won't have the chore of administering the mailing list any more
    (got to get back to my real job :-))
2.  A newsgroup has a much wider audience than a mailing list
3.  A newsgroup does not depend on any single person (me) or a single site
4.  People would have a single medium for discussion of aquatic plants
    that combines both the current mailing list and the plant-related
    postings on *.aquaria
5.  Newsreaders are more user-friendly than email

The down side:

1. People who have email, but no access to news, might not be able to
2. You will see some MAKE.MONEY.FAST scams :-)

Well, what do you think?