Re:DAI tablets

>The elemental concentrations (as percent of total tablet) are as follows: 
>N 14.4 P 7 K 17.3 >Ca .07 Mg .15 S 0 >Fe .19 Mn .003 Zn 0.01 >Cu .008 B
.03 Cl .13 >Na .9 

>The percentages don't add up to 100.  Did the rest of
>the tablet consist of O, C & H?  Neil, I hope Mike T. doesn't come after
>you for busting his family secret :-) - -Shaji

Yes, the results are for elements not ions (e.g. N and not NO3). So, a 
lot of the missing percentage is oxygen.  There is also clay used as the 

As for coming after "me," I have been kind for not reporting "him."  
It is illegal to sell fertilizer which does not list ingredients.