re: Moving Day #4

>From: Jose Alberto Guzman <a25675 at itesocci_gdl.iteso.mx>
>Date: Mon, 1 May 1995 13:16:59 -0600 (CST)
>Subject: Moving Day #4
>  My question is: Is there something I can do to avoid the feared
>Echinodorus crashdown, or will I have to see them die again??  Can you
>give some advice on starting up the new tank?  -ie. how many bottles of
>water-yeast should I put with this tank, and at what bubble rate shuold
>they be? (Im a newbie to CO2 injection)-.  I can use the two aquaclears, a
>magnum 250, and a Vortex diatom filter -wich may be used as a CO2 reactor.
>There are short term plans to add a wet dry sump filter to this setup, (if

The yeast CO2 should help your Echinodorus establish itself.  I wuld
start with two 2-liter bottles, and inject the CO2 into the Magnum
250.  The Vortex might clog up too soon, and the Aquaclears don't do
as good a job dissolving the CO2 as the Magnum.

> Here in Guadalajara is kind of difficult to obtain laterite and other
>aquarium plants fertilizer, Is there any chemical way to mimic the effects
>of laterite??  (I have access to a well sotcked chemistry lab). 

Some people have success with garden soil used in small quantity (say
1 part to three parts of gravel) in the bottom third of the tank. It
is best if the soil does not contain too much organic material.