Re: green spot algae, water conditions

>From: CrypDude at aol_com
>Date: Sun, 30 Apr 1995 22:13:53 -0400
>Subject: Small Green Spot Algae
>Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to cope with  the small hard
>green-spot algae that develops on the glass in the aquarium?  It also begins
>to form on the leaves of the plants and I have had no success reducing the
>level of this algae.

I have noticed that the green spot algae disappear when the light
intensity falls below a certain threshold.  Since you have crypts,
this might be something you can try.  Maybe you could add some
floating plants.

>From: jcochran at pinc_com (John Cochran)
>Date: Sun, 30 Apr 95 22:26:14 PDT
>Subject: water conditions
>    2. Should I use the pond water in my tank and what should I do to
>       prepare it?

You could use pond water for replacement when you do water changes.
This will gradually bring the water chemistry of your tank to that of
the pond.  The big problem with using pond water is the possibility
of introducing diseases and parasites into your tank.

>    3. What other plants would be compatible in my aquarium?

Anacharis, Java fern, Vallisneria and Hornwort are some plants that
tolerate relatively hard water (assuming you switch to pond water and that 
it is hard). At 50 ppm, your tank water is quite soft, and pretty much any 
common aquarium plant should be OK.