Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #39

>Nichrome wire is incredibly cheap, but you might have to get it in a
>spool. I got mine at the university's chemistry stockroom, because they
>use it to make impromptu heaters for experiments.  Sources?  Maybe 
>industrial wire suppliers or chemical supply houses. 
>Resistance.. Hm, I don't have a handy table, but I am sure there is a LOW 
>enough resistance available.  I know this because when I built my acrylic 
>bender (ran on 80-120V) I had to make the wire into a coil (using a drill
>and a dowell).  No doubt you can get a table of resistances from the 
>     - Erik

Or from a good reference book (I just happen to have this handy
from when I did research for my setup)

Gauge	ohms per cm
10  	.0021281
12  	.0033751
14  	.0054054
16  	.0085116
18  	.0138383
20  	.0216218
22  	.0346040
24  	.0548088
26  	.0875760
28  	.1394328
30  	.2214000