"Plant & Materials Listing"

Hi.  I got some e-mail last night from someone who was interested in 
buying Java Fern cuttings from me, and I just read the article by Karen 
Randell about varieties of Java Fern & would be interested in obtaining 
cuttings myself.

Tt got me thinking... Lots of us are probably AGA members & remember how
the Plants & Materials listing that didn't quite work in the journal. 
Maybe it could work here!  The turnaround time is much quicker (ie,
immediate vs. 1-2 month lag).  What do you think?  Does posting the 
availability of plant cuttings or "wants" for exotics sound like a good 
use of the list?  Just to keep things cordial, if you e-mail opinions to me 
instead of the list, I will summarize responses.

PS: Hoa: I have disagree with you about Java Fern doing badly with "too
much" light. How much light are we talking about?  I've got 160W of
fluorescents over 45 gallons, and the Java Fern grows right up to the top
& even out of the water (where the leaves burn up because of their
proximity to the light). 

    - Erik

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olson at phys_washington.edu             	it's back up!