Re: use of epoxy resin for heating cables

>To waterproof the soldered joint between the wire wrap wire >and the
>cable to the transformer I'd like to try heat shrink tubing and >epoxy.
>Slip the heat shrink on, make the solder joint, heat one end of >the shrink
>tubing, pour in the epoxy but not all the way to fill the tube, >wait for it
>to set and then shrink the whole thing.  It should produce a >very water
>proof seal. 

I don't know what they are called, but I have seen a commercial device for
waterproofing electrical connections. They are used in the well drilling
trade for pump connections. It is a plastic tube, much like heat shrink
tubing only thicker, with an inner lining. When the tube is slid over the
joint and heated, the lining melts and the tube shrinks over the connection.
They are made for use in drinking water, so they should be okay for aquaria.
The guy down the street is a plumber who supplied me with some of them for my
well pump. I'll ask about brand names and sizes if anyone is interested.

Another note on the same subject: PLEASE don't use 240V supply for substrate
heating. 24V seems much safer, though I have my doubts that a GFI will trip
when the ground fault occurs on the far side of a transformer

>I will be investing in the 20lb. bottle and regulator per. >George Booth's
>FROG dingus later this year.

Can someone enlighten me as to the exact nature of a
FROG dingus? I'm new here.