Encoded Postings to digest

I've recently gotten a couple of notes from the digest that were encoded 
as the sample below. Using PINE, I've not found a way to read the 
suckers. Plain text would be preferable...

Chris Noto (cnoto at freenet_scri.fsu.edu)
Sweetwater, Tennessee

> From: ADAM.ARONSON at spcorp_com (ADAM ARONSON)
> Date: Tue, 25 Apr 1995 14:39:54 -0700
> Subject: Crypts Flower?
> V0FSTklORzogIEkgYW0gY29uc2lkZXJhYmx5IG5ldyB0byB0aGlzIGhvYmJ5ICh0aGUgcGxh
> bnQgcGFydC4uLikNCg0KDQpNeSBwbGFudCB0YW5rOiAzNyBnYWwuIHRhbmsgb2YgdmFyaW91

[much more deleted...]