Erythomycin and blue-green algae

Hi all,

I've had a slight blue-green algae problem for about a month now, with 
the algae growing in the front of the tank on some exposed gravel.  
Previously, I just siphoned it off every few days, it wasn't really a 
problem.  I finally got sick of doing this, and decided to try treating 
the tank with Erythomycin, an antibiotic.  I was apprehensive about this, 
mainly because of a large population of seemingly sensitive cryptocoryne 
species.  I was worried about a mass meltdown.  I treated the tank with 
Maracyn, at 1/2 the reccomended dosage.  This treatment (3 tablets/day 
for 5 days in a 75 gallon tank) has rid the tank of blue green algae with 
no harmful side effects (in other words, none of my plants died).

Anyway, just FYI, this stuff does work, and it won't kill sensitive 
plants.  The Maracyn 24 tablet pack does contain Erytomycin, where as the 
smaller pack (if I remember correctly) contained some other antibiotic.  
No idea if it's compatible.


Peter Konshak
pkonshak at fiat_gslis.utexas.edu