Hair Algae + CO2 Regulator

> From: Eric Schoville <schovill at expert_cc.purdue.edu>

> I am having somewhat of a problem in my 75 gallon plant tank.
> Unfortunately, Spyrogyra or another type of hair algae got
> introduced from a plant from a pet store.  I've had it now for
> about two months.  It hasn't taken over my tank, and it has
> been pretty easy to scrape off the glass, but it is still 
> unsightly and I have been looking for a fish that will eat it.

Describe the algae in more detail, please.  Usually hair algae refers to
long stringy bright green stuff that mainly gets TANGLED in plants.  You 
can remove it like spaghetti with a fork.  (I have also heard 
unsubstantiated rumors that barbs will eat it).   If your stuff grows 
on the glass, it sounds like something else (maybe Red Brush Algae).
Does it grow in tufts?  Is it dark?  What color?

> My water is hard and has a high pH.  I am also adding a CO2 system
> next week.  Will this help?

Maybe.  Again, unsubstantiated rumors say CO2 addition will drop your algae
level; I've seen it drop SOME algae levels, but increase others.

OK, in other news, I finally followed up on George Booth's posting several
months ago suggesting a low-cost fixed-pressure regulator for CO2
injection.  Yes, indeed the infamous FROG regulator does exist! I called
Western (216-871-2160) and found someone in Seattle who'd sell me one (model
RP30320), and now two are on their way to me (at $28 each).  For those who
missed George's original post (it's archived on the Krib), the FROG is a
fixed 22-psi CO2 regulator that has a little thingy that pops out when the
input pressure gets low, telling you to refill.  Since this equivalent
functionality would cost me upwards of $55 (a normal dual-gauge
regulator), this seems like a good deal indeed, and in conjunction with a
$15 needle valve and $50 CO2 tank, it is possible to get an all-new
CO2 setup for under $100.

  - Erik

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