> From: Stephen.Pushak at hcsd_hac.com (Stephen Pushak)

> BTW. anyone know the secret of Ludwigia repens? It is a beautiful plant
> but I have not had any success. I think it needs a very rich substrate.
> I'm interested to hear what you all are using for substrates especially
> anyone who has had success with long-term Aponogetons (2yrs +). I think
> I will redo my 49 gal. substrate this year. Gravel + fertilizer is not
> enough, I suspect.

Dunno.  I've had pretty good luck with L. repens, even in straight gravel
(CO2 injection, high light).  My bad luck with Ludwigia seems to be stem
rot, which I could never correlate with anything tangible, other than my
clipping it.  Sometimes the cutting would root immediately; sometimes the
bottom 2" would rot away and roots would form above that.  Usually the
mother plant would do OK.  It likes high light very much, responding with
beautiful big leaves (ok, I guess most plants do this).  I ONCE got them
to flower at the water surface, though who would notice.. they're little
cancerous-looking nodules at the stem. 

Finally a plug... anyone in Seattle on this list, come to the auction 
tonight.  I'm bringing in lots of plant cuttings. :)

      - Erik

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