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[APD] Plant Sterilization

I have a small pond here in Michigan that I put Sailfin Mollies in over the 
 summer to control mosquitos. I bring them in over the winter and put them 
in a  20 gallon long. Over the last winter I seemed to have a heavy die off 
and some  of them looked visibly sick with some sort of fungal disease. I've 
decided to  completely reset and clean the tank before I bring them in.
Problem is, I have plants in it, naturally, which is why I'm on a plant  
board. LOL. What is best to use to sterilize the plants without harming them? 
In  the old days (the 1960s) they used to recommend potassium permanganate, 
is  this still the agent of choice or is there something else to use?

Gerry Skau
Say not, I have found the truth, but rather, I  have found a truth.--Kahlil 


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