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Re: [APD] Plant Sterilization

The traditional way has been to dip/soak them in a mild bleach solution.
There should be info about this on the Krib -- it was discussed a fair
bit some years back.


> I have a small pond here in Michigan that I put Sailfin Mollies in
> the
>  summer to control mosquitos. I bring them in over the winter and put
> in a  20 gallon long. Over the last winter I seemed to have a heavy
> off
> and some  of them looked visibly sick with some sort of fungal
> I've
> decided to  completely reset and clean the tank before I bring them
> Problem is, I have plants in it, naturally, which is why I'm on a
> board. LOL. What is best to use to sterilize the plants without
> them?
> In  the old days (the 1960s) they used to recommend potassium
> permanganate,
> is  this still the agent of choice or is there something else to use?

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