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Re: [APD] algae new tank

on point with the hours of light.  6-7 minumum 12 maximum, Also check  the 
placement of the tank as related to sunlight coming thru a window.   Just 15 
munutes of pure sunlight will spawn algae growth.
Check the fertilizer to see what if any Nitrogen it contains. I tried  to 
find out on line but gave up. Sent an inquiry. will post the reply
 Your Hyrgo should out compete the algae for nutrients if your  tank is in 
balance. No nitrogen and your plants wont really thrive.  Many  commercial 
ferts dont include Nitrogen as it is assumed that the fish waste will  
provide that element. 
Had this explained to me this way.
Your light is like the accelerator pedal on a car.  The harder you  puch 
and the longer you hold it down, the faster the car goes and the more fuel  it 
uses.  Sooner or later you have a craxh.  Your lights and ferts are  your 
fuel.  Combine length of light period with lack of macro nutrients and  you 
will have a wreck ie algae.
rich green
milton ma.
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