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Re: [APD] Filters for Planted aquarium without fish (Vadiraj)

aquatic-plants-request at actwin_com wrote:
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2012 12:47:02 +0530
From: Vadiraj <vadiraj_cs at gmail.com>

I just joined this list. I recently put my interest in planted
aquarium and started of with basic setup and learning through the
I started with basic setup on a 2 and half feet wide tank. Using DIY
techniques for essentials to start off with, which I believe will help
me learn and understand than use the ready made stuff. Its just been 2
days that I started the setup.

1. CO2 is supplied through the traditional yeast method and bubbles
are controlled through a knob.
2. For substrate, I'm using ADA's Amazonia.
3. Plants: For plants I've started with basic ones.

I've been checking for the filters. Currently using the inner water
filter. Added ADA, BIO-RIO in it. The pressure of the filter is high
and the plants are getting disturbed with the force of the water that
comes out of the filter. I do not have pressure control for the
Planning to change.

1. I don't plan to put fishes until the plants show healthy sign. Is
filter necessary if there are no fish?
2. If filters are a must, Could some one suggest a good non-expensive
filter for plant only aquarium.

I'm still learning in this, any advice will go in as a great help.

I've found that filtration isn't really necessary, but some water movement is. I use a cheap hang-on-back filter designed for a 10 or 15 gallon aquarium (I have a 20H). Try to adjust it so you don't get much turbulence right at the surface if you are adding CO2. I paid $12 for one at Petco, and I have fish now so I am using filter media, but without fish just used it without the filter pack. I made a pad out of polyester batting for a filter and have rinsed and reused it several times because I'm cheap. Also I don't want charcoal or whatever they use in commercial filter media adsorbing the ammonia before my plants can get it. Does the ".cs" in your address imply that you are in Serbia? (Just wondering what you have available)

Best regards,

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