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Re: [APD] Aquarium Lights

I had a similar issue a while back with a different manufacturer. I was able to retrofit my system with AH Supply's parts. I was able to use the same ballast in my case, but I had to replace the sockets (AH Supply uses a different pin arrangement than my original system had), but after that I could use their bulbs. You'll probably end up with a 55W bulb after the retrofit, unless you can manage to fit a pair of the 36 watt bulbs.

If you end up needing to replace your ballast the AH Supply ballast is really small and might fit your existing fixture. If it does not I'd suggest getting a surplus enclosure to house the new ballast, then just run a wire from the ballast to the strip light. Make sure the wiring you use in the fixture is rated for 105ºC, the more common 90ºC wire will become brittle over time and the insulation will fail. I have used Coleman Cable's Seoprene line in the past for this as it is black in color and has the temperature rating that is required in this application.

BTW, it's good to see some activity on the list...


> So I've been using Coralfe's Deluxe series single linear strip-the 30 inch
> 65 watt on my 29 gallon tanks. One went belly up and it would appear that
> Coralife has discontinued them. Any suggestions  on a similar
> replacement?
> Gerry Skau
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