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Re: [APD] Anubias Melting

> Been on this mailing list for ages and here I am posting my first
query. I
> had seen this issue of anubias melting away in quite a few tanks off
> I
> am from India and been into planted aquariums for quite sometime now.
> phenomenon happens to lush growing anubias. We suddenly find that the
> rhizome weakens and then the leaves just detach and eventually melt
> One sudden day we find a bush of leaves floating on the surface. This
> happens in a short period of about 10 days span. Has anyone
> this? Will there be anyone who can help us out?

I suspect this "melting" issue is similar to "Crypt rot", which many
have attributed to a rapid and drastic change in the nitrate level in a
tank. While I'm not entirely certain this would be a nitrate issue, it
is most likely caused by a rapid change in water chemistry, such as
occurs after doing a large water change or possibly making a significant
change in dosing regimen.

Personally, I am suspect of the nitrate theory of Crypt rot as I have
intentionally made changes during water changes of between 0 and 10 ppm
(big, fast swings) to test this and I have been unable to trigger the
problem in my own Crypts. I think the issue may be related to water
hardness as I've never made drastic, sudden changes in the hardness
parameters in my tanks (maybe that will be the subject of a future

I'd keep track of your Anubias before and after doing a large water
change, or changing your dosing, and see if you can detect and changes
in growth patterns that result from those water chemistry changes. If
you see anything happen let the list know.


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