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Re: [APD] CO2 and Algae (B. T. Forsythe) Stuart Halliday

I believe Aquatic Scapes wrote this email section below:
If any of these are missing in a higher light aquarium then the plants will begin to release ammonia which will "wake the algae already present in your aquarium from the spore (sleeping state) existence to the flagellate (awake state) existence and begin to attach to the plants.
Can you tell me where you read this?
I've never yet came across any article that claims that plants release ammonia into the water column.
News to me.

Stuart Halliday
Hello Stuart, yes, it is on the UKAPS forum, most of these guys are biology majors who own aquariums. It is a tested, tried, and true theory. Plants release ammonia, nutrients, and organic matter due to cellular degradation. Here is the article link; http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=1211 it is a tutorial on dosing dry salt nutrients, look down the page at Won't all of these nutrients cause algae? When these methods are employed plant growth is phenomenal. It really is based on the Tom Barr method of Estimative Index, just explains why that works along with other causual factors contributing to an "algae free" (flagellate state) planted aquarium. Regards, Don Matakis www.freshwateraquariumplants.com
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