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Re: [APD] The non-aquatic plant issue (Nick Andrews)

Bill wrote:
Never underestimate the power of the consumer when he or she decides to wield it.

This all assumes a flow of information though. In this case, people have to first become aware that what Walmart or the other substandard place is telling them about keeping fish is wrong. Once they find that out, then they'll go seek the legitimate information. Most of the time the employees selling the fish know nothing about it. Just stand around the fish section at Walmart and listen to what they tell people.

Imagine the transaction from the point of view of the customer. You see some pretty fish at the store and the employee tells you that all you need to do is buy X, Y, and Z, fill it up with water and dump the fish in. Throw some food in every day. A week or two later your water turns cloudy and your fish are gasping for air at the surface. "Oh, you need a filter" the employee tells you. You buy a filter and some cartridges and probably some Novaqua or something to "help the fish." After another day or two the fish start dying. You go back to the store and the employee sells you some medicine to fix the sick fish. You go home and dump in the miracle cure but most of your fish die anyway.

I don't think this scenario is too unusual, and the customer doesn't even have the opportunity to learn that what they "know" about fish is wrong. They just know that keeping tropical fish is "hard."

I believe the rate of people being born who will eventually buy fish is greater than the rate of people learning about fishkeeping. This gap is where retailers like Walmart live.
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