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Re: [APD] The non-aquatic plant issue (Nick Andrews)

Doesn't anybody want to blame the people who buy that stuff without knowing what it is and what it needs to survive? They are the ones who are making the market, not Walmart or Pet-whatever.

If people don't buy products that companies want to sell them, the companies stop selling them. To me that is so straightforward. History is full of examples. Think about the Edsel, the Apple Newton, apples coated with alar, and thoisands of other products.

On the other hand, more people are demanding "green" products and are willing to pay extra for them. Notice how the organic foods section of supermarkets has grown in the last 5 years? The growth of the Whole Foods markets at the expense of older chains?

Never underestimate the power of the consumer when he or she decides to wield it.

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