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Re: [APD] Hiccup

Given a couple of day the nitrite level should go down. As you have increasing nitrates,
I would guess that nitrites are being converted to nitrates. So the nitrite readings are
probably wrong (high) or the test kit is responding to something else. If you have another
brand of test kit perhaps you could it a go.

In a real life situation the tank would have a constant ammonia input assuming that
you have a fish in it and its being fed the same everyday.. one trial could be that
you add say 0.5 ppm everyday without pausing and see what happens. One tank 
with one brand of chilled bacteria and one with another older type.

>I've now got a tank with zero ammonia, 0.5-1ppm of nitrite and 10ppm of nitrate.
>I've not added any more ammonia and the nitrite level is not reducing.
>So either it's stuck or the new API liquid kit is misreading the level and 
>it's much higher.

Raj, vu2zap
Bengaluru, South India.

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