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Re: [APD] Hiccup

I believe Raj wrote this email section below:
> Given a couple of day the nitrite level should go down. As you have increasing nitrates,
> I would guess that nitrites are being converted to nitrates. So the nitrite readings are
> probably wrong (high) or the test kit is responding to something else. If you have another
> brand of test kit perhaps you could it a go.


I've got a test stick by TetraAqua - The 5in1 stick.
I just tried it. It reads zero nitrate and nitrite! But 10ppm in NO3 is 
impossible to detect in a test stick.

I've also got a TetraAqua - 6in1 stick (only a month old) and that also 
reads zero on NO3 and NO2!

I've got a unopened API Nitrite test kit I bought 2 weeks ago, no date on it 
anywhere. But its new, I gave that a try and got: zero nitrite.

So I retested with the original API test and still got zero nitrite!

So there was 10 hours difference from the NO2/NO3 test I did this morning 
and now.

Morning - NO2 : 1ppm, NO3: 10ppm
Evening - NO2 : 0ppm, NO3: 5ppm

After I did the morning test I threw in half a tablet. I can still see the 
half lying in the bottom of the tank virtually undissolved.
(BTW, I discovered that the 500mg Calcium carbonate indigestion tablet 
contains 615mg of Sucrose.)

So I guess this must have triggered the sudden nitrite reduction?

Now, I'm just confused.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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