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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 64, Issue 22

I usually put in a new filter into an old tank and let it run parallel for a few weeks. When I need a new tank for fry or new stock, I just use this filter and and I have an almost cycled tank. A little bit of ammonia locking agent is used if needed.

I learnt from some young aquarists here that they seed the tank from an old one and then add ammonia to the fishless tank and keep adding till the ammonia drops to zero and slowly add fish.

>What's wrong with the old non-chemical cycling method? Wouldn't it save a lot of money if most of the cycling products don't do much good anyways?
>I do the one or two fish after having the tank set up for a few days at least, preferably with a few plants in it. Then only a couple fish at most per week, ussually per month, till I am at the stocking level I want. If I am wanting to be extra sure it it is cycled I will add as much gravel as I can from a tank that has been set up for a long time..
>Lief Youngs

Remember if you do the fishless cycling (using pure ammonia) that after the ammonia and nitrite have gone to zero yo will need to do a partial water change to get rid of the nitrate that has built up.
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