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[APD] Dogs

Bill wrote:

>> Cutting off part of a tail or shortening the ears of a dog, neither of which 
>> harms the animal, is called "mutilation" and is illegal, but cutting off the 
>> testicles and surgically removing the ovaries is responsible pet keeping?
>> That kind of thinking makes me ill.

>I disagree. Mutilating your pets in order to prevent, or lessen, the....

What do you think the dogs would say? ;)

Don't get me wrong, I worked at an animal shelter years ago and still remember countless animals that I helped euthanize. That being said, if the dog feels no pain, isn't it human vanity to pass these laws so that we feel enlightened? And, just in case I'm wrong, I'm going to go donate $50 to the local shelter, so please don't flame me. Happy holidays.

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