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Re: [APD] Stocking levels

"Bill" wrote, in part:

>Innes stated that fish need clean water, good food, and the proper
>temperature.  He said that overcrowding would lead to unhealthy conditions,
>stunting, and early deaths.   I can't think of any other factors that we've
>unearthed since then.  Now, foods are more nutritious, filters, if used,
>better, heaters have thermostats, but these are details.

>I think a person just starting out with tropical aquariums would be quite
>successful if he followed Innes's directins as written and used no other

With the first two sentences of the first quoted paragraph, I am in full
agreement.  With the last two I have a number of issues, mostly on the idea
that the changes since Innes are "details". The developments of plastics and
polymers, waterproof electric pumps, magnetically linked impellers used with
them, modern filter materials from synthetic fiber mats to polymer sponges
and microporous ceramics are far from detail, they are radical concepts
which would stun the good Doctor.  Ditto fully submersible heaters and
thermostats, efficient tank lighting, and perhaps even prepared food which
will alone at least support full life cycles in fish.  Not mention modern
hobby-level test kits - that alone is a quantum leap.

The one thing that he would likely not be shocked to learn is that we now do
understand the importance of the water changes he pioneered in advocating,
but that we now consider woefully inadequate at the levels he advised.  That
is a change in degree rather than kind, even if its multiples of his
suggestions.  A tank stocked and maintained to his standards today would be
considered overstocked, improperly stocked, and woefully under-maintained.


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