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Re: [APD] Stocking Levels

I believe Ellen O'Connell wrote this email section below:
> I have a 7-gallon bowfront that's been languishing for several years with 
> plants doing their own thing and no fish.  Suddenly I have the urge to redo 
> and restock it.  So I looked at this year's small tanks in the AGA contest, 
> thinking there might be some inspiration there.  What struck me most about 
> the small tanks, however, was the high fish numbers in almost all of 
> them.  Yes, they're small fish, but I think I counted 20-30 fish in the 
> majority of the ones equal to or pretty equivalent to my 7-gallon.  Has the 
> inch per gallon rule just gone bye the bye in the last several years?  Are 
> such high stock levels sustainable?

The inch per gallon rule is a statistical average for a community tank with 
a variety of fish that grow between say 1-6" long.

If you only put in 1" fish that rule no longer applies.

We're often told in books that a 3" fish has more bioload that 3 x 1" fish 
so the reverse must be true? :-)

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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