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Re: [APD] Nitrate Xperiment

I believe Bill wrote this email section below:
> Excess ammonia is considered by some to be the main reason that algae 
> develops.
> Are you seeing any algae in your test tank?

Not that I can see.

>  If not, do you know of any reason why algae wouldn;t grow in it?

The tank does take 30 days to cycle so during that time there is only 
ammonia in the water.

Even algae needs some plant nutrients to grow... ;-)

My tap water is pretty pure and very low in minerals AFAIK.
Whenever I test my tap water for iron, it's always read zero. Phosphate 0.

GH is ~5 and KH is ~6 when I start. But that is up from GH of ~1 and KH of 
~1 so I add a little Sodium bicarbonate to start that's all.

I have a overhead 9W lamp on for 8 hours as well.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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