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[APD] Sources of rare aquarium plants

At 05:56 PM 10/15/2008 -0700, you wrote:
>>>I don't think aquabid is going away
>anywtime too, its too damn useful, plants notwithstanding.<<
>Well I meant for plants. Fish is a different story.  Very few hobby 
>"collectors" seem to be using Aquabid anymore. All the plants being sold on 
>aquabid now are just run of the mill stuff from these auction stores. All 
>the "rare" stuff is now being sold on aquaticplantcentral.com and 

Oh that's so 20th century old school. Go on a dating site*, find
somebody of the opposite sex in Borneo, have them send you plants.

Anybody need anything?


*It helps being single. Again.

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