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Re: [APD] color of water in white bucket

Diana Berberich wrote:
> OK, Jerry, I'll bite.  What effect does bubble fed CO2 have on the color of water?  
> If there is algea it would have the colour of that free floating algea!?  What else will effect the color of water?

Hi All,

I just lurk here trying to learn, but in response to Diana, dissolved 
minerals/solids could affect the water colour.

Where I grew up we had a borehole, (I guess you'd call it a well in the 
US). The bore water when put in the bath, (or a white bucket) had a 
distinct blue tint to it. (These days no doubt we could bottle it, sell 
it as spring mineral water and make a bazillion ;-)

On a recent weekend trip I stayed at a place that had bore water and it 
had a yellow tint when placed in a clear drink bottle. Perfectly 
palatable and my children who are used to drinking chlorinated town 
water remarked that it tasted "sweet and not metallic like the water at 

Then what about adding peat moss etc. to a filter to get tannin stained 
'black water'.

Am I missing something?

Don H
(Sydney, Aus)

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