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Re: [APD] Heaters and Aquabid

On 2008-10-16T13:00:33, Chris Ferrell wrote:
> Get 2 heaters and set them a few degrees apart - say 2.  That way, one will
> typically "carry the load" of heating the tank and the second will kick on
> if the ambient gets too low and a second one is needed.  What this adds is
> an easy way to see how each is working.  If your backup turns on, then your
> backup failed or it's colder than usual (provided they are reasonably well
> sized).  If it's colder than usual, your wife will have probably already let
> you know - so check your primary heater to see if it's broken.

Not sure if this is a common problem, but I had one heater short circuit 
and cook my tank.  Adding heater will double or triple that risk.

Allan Wind
Life Integrity, LLC

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