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Re: [APD] Heaters and Aquabid

I've had good luck over time w/ Aquabid - but I'll usually put up something
worthwhile (a large lot of anubias, ferns, etc.) that Aquabid doesn't
usually have.  Plus, I'll have no reserve and reasonable shipping - which
are both hard to find on aquabid.  Finally, I'm never very confident on what
my plants are "worth" - I just use the paypal $ to support my other hobby
(R/C helis).

Get 2 heaters and set them a few degrees apart - say 2.  That way, one will
typically "carry the load" of heating the tank and the second will kick on
if the ambient gets too low and a second one is needed.  What this adds is
an easy way to see how each is working.  If your backup turns on, then your
backup failed or it's colder than usual (provided they are reasonably well
sized).  If it's colder than usual, your wife will have probably already let
you know - so check your primary heater to see if it's broken.

Also realize that in the wild, stream, river and lake temps bounce around
during the day, during a hard rain w/ run off and during the seasons.  A
healthy fish should be able to take a few degrees of temp changes during a
day (summer temps may get over my heater setting).  Also - I'm talking about
fairly common, inexpensive fish- platies, otos, SAEs, neons and some
inexpensively procured rainbows and chiclids.

Chris, in CLT.
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