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[APD] Replacement heater for QT Tank


I have a 25 gallon Marineland Eclipse Tank (with bio wheel built into 
the plastic hood). I am using this tank as a bare bottom, fish only, qt 
tank. Presently I have two Wattley Discus growing out in this tank. They 
are a lot smaller than the Discus in my larger planted tank. I have a 
Marineland Stealth Heater that has malfunctioned. So I need to purchase 
another heater. I am looking at a Via Aqua Stainless Steel Freshwater 
Heater (150 watt) , it seems to have the features I would like. (Foster 
& Smith-CD-11957).Because I do w/cs once a week, and scrub the walls of 
the tank, without taking the hood off, I thought a heater with controls 
out side of the tank would be easier to work with.( Also like the 
operational light.) However I have read most of the reviews on this and 
most other heaters, and get conflicting postings.
Although, I live in South Florida, and haven't worn a jacket in about 3 
years, I highly value my fish, and want to purchase the most reliable 
heater available.
Thanks, in advance for your input,
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