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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 62, Issue 18

>>I don't think aquabid is going away
anywtime too, its too damn useful, plants notwithstanding.<<

Well I meant for plants. Fish is a different story.  Very few hobby 
"collectors" seem to be using Aquabid anymore. All the plants being sold on 
aquabid now are just run of the mill stuff from these auction stores. All 
the "rare" stuff is now being sold on aquaticplantcentral.com and 
plantedtank.net. Nobody is bothering to try to get plants into a bidding war 
anymore. They just put them up for the price they want, and they usually get 
it. 20, 30 dollars per plant, no problem.

Hey, one more plug for the upcoming Oregon aquatic plant swap meet, October 
18th, 1pm Round Table Pizza, West Linn, OR
Need directions? email me. This event is not organized by the GPAS, although 
there will be plenty of GPAS people there

Raffe at 2 oclock, (free) for a Red Sea complete C02 system.  Donated items 
include tons of driftwood, rare plants such as Eriocaulon minis, P. helferi, 
big clumps of Petite nana, HC, various mosses, starter plant kits, and lots 
more! The Wet spot is donating Cal aqua C02 glassware!  Everything is free, 
except lunch! Come join the fun.

Robert Paul Hudson

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