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Re: [APD] Damn snails

I believe Jerry Smith wrote this email section below:
> Stuart
> I agree about the overfeeding. I know someone in the NJAGC that manages his 
> MTS population by controlling the amount of food he puts in the tank. I am 
> pretty sure he doesn't have any loaches either. It works really well. He 
> hardly has any there and the tank is set up for a few years already. It is a 
> high tech CO2 tank with a lower pH, but I don't know the parameters re Total 
> hardness and alkalinity.

I've a newish small 15L tank with floating plants and needless to say I got 
MTS and ear snails in it.

The odd thing is, there is virtually nothing for the MTS to eat.
I often find clusters of young MTS floating around together on the surface. 
They appear to be either after fragments of flake food for the few tetras I 
have in it or are eating the frogbit or algae.

> I was able to get rid of MTS completely using Yoyo loaches 
> http://www.loaches.com/species-index/botia-almorhae , but it took almost a 
> year.

Yes, they're in no hurry are they.

The only thing that got rid of my ear snails once was a freshwater dwarf 
puffer. I also once had a couple of Ceylon puffers and they loved the MTS 
once they learned to peck at the open area of the shell.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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