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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 62, Issue 9

>>I have never ordered from an APC vendor, but from what I've read there the
quality tends to be high
as are the prices a little, maybe.  APC does have a vendor rating system.
I have ordered plants from Aquabotanic and I've been satisfied.  Others
report success with other vendors.<<

I'm an APC vendor, I have been since Art Giacosa first started the forum. 
There is one other American plant seller, and the other two are in Asia. I 
don't know if people here notice how things have changed over the years, but 
I find it interesting. When I started there were maybe 2 or 3 people on the 
internet selling plants, and Steve Pushak listed the names and email 
addresses of AGA members who would trade or sell plants on his WEB site. 
After 2001 there were a dozen or two internet sellers of plants. Within 2 or 
3 years half of them went away, at the same time WEB based forums were 
taking off. Around 2005 , auction sellers from Asia, (singapore, taiwan, 
Malaysia) filled up Aquabid and Ebay and spilled over into WEB forums. By 
2007 they started to go away as many of the "rare" plants were picked up by 
Florida Aquatic Nurseries and made available in any pet store across the 
country. You can buy HC now at petsmart! Now hobbyists are selling plants to 
fellow hobbyists and making good money doing it without any apologies.

You wouldn't know it from this forum but interest in the hobby continues to 
grow. More and more people are coming into the hobby every day. Over 20,000 
members on APC. Think about that for a moment. I can remember when Dave 
Gomberg said he didn't believe there was more than 3000 hobbyists in this 
country. I get right around 200 first time unique customers every month, and 
I am just a little guy! Where are all these people coming from?

Robert Paul Hudson

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