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[APD] Georgia Aquarium and Dan getting stepped on...

If you do go the AGA, you MUST go to the Aquarium.  I was there in August, and it is awesome.  Maybe not as many plants as I would have liked to see, but the place is really amazing.

> The AGA's 2008 convention is in Atlanta, GA, the weekend of November 13th, 
> and the hotel room deadline is less than a week away.  On October 15th, 
> the hotel releases the discount rate on the hotel.  Now is definitely the 
> time to register.
> The guest list is very impressive, including Takashi Amano making his 
> third appearance (and live demo), and Benito Tan speaking on aquatic 
> mosses.  Though their home city is still a mess from Ike, Jeff Senske and 
> the folks at Aquarium Design Group are coming and sponsoring the second 
> Iron Aquascaper Contest.  There's a discount admission field trip to the 
> Atlanta Aquarium, which is in WALKING distance of the hotel.  Lots of info 
> on the AGA website and forum:
>    - Erik
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> Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2008 17:11:14 -0400
> From: "Dan Barrett" <dansbdk at verizon_net>
> Subject: Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 62, Issue 7
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> My buddy decided to use carbon after having the tank established a year, &
> it was running perfectly!,
> He never had a problem with green water before.
> Why he decided to use carbon all of a sudden? a newbie to aquaculture I
> guess!
> I warned him not to, he did, got greenwater. he removed it, did water
> changes, reduced lightening, it was gone!
> Case closed.
> I have read in scientific books that phophorous does leach out of carbon
> into the water colum.
> And from what I've seen commonly happen, I'm even more convienced each time
> green water appears, and carbon is in the equation that it's carbon in the
> filter that's the culprit! Remove the carbon, back off on the light
> duration, do water changes, and the problem will disappear.
> Or you can do nothing, and the tank will cycle out in a couple months, and
> will usually cure it's self .
> To the person who made the comment about being slammed for sharing!?! I see
> exactly what you mean!
> It's little wonder anyone speaks in here! If you share any wisdom,
> (wisdom = knowledge + experience), someone has to shoot it down!
> I have 37 years of aquarium experience both in fresh, and saltwater tanks.
> I'm not a newbie, nor am I an idiot! I know exactly what I'm talking about
> before I share....
> This will be my last comment in this forum!

Dan, don't get discouraged.  Most of us are pretty opinionated and tend to express it!
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