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[APD] request for plants for museum display

Our local museum is setting up an exhibit to display invasive plant species  
that are raising havoc in our local waters. They have requested my assistance 
in  both obtaining certain species of plants and maintaining the planted 
aquarium  itself. Although our efforts have produced some plants in  collecting   
from local waters, there are few species we have not yet been able to obtain.  
Therefore, I am asking anyone from the group who would be willing to donate  
clippings to the museum. They are specifically trying to obtain the  following:
Cabomba caroliniana
Najas minor
Potamogeton crispus

If anyone can offer a few specimens we would be grateful. Of course, I will  
pay shipping. If you can help, please email me off list at _timchiro at aol_com_ 
(mailto:timchiro at aol_com) 
Thank you

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