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Re: [APD] Using Sulphate of Potash in my tank

BRiaN Forsythe wrote:
> I checked that page out, too, but when we're figuring it for aquatic use 
> (the way I do it personally, anyway), that doesn't really matter right, 
> since we just figure the proportion of K in each unit of molecular weight?

The 39.9% part matters. If you add one gram, you're adding 399mg of K. 
If you had 100 gallons of water to fertilize, and you wanted to increase 
K by 5 mg/L, you would need 100 x 3.7854 x 5 = 1892.7mg of K. Since we 
know the fertilizer we're using is 39.9% K, we need 1892.7 / 0.399 = 
4743.61mg of fertilizer (4.5g is close enough).

Jerry Baker
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