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Re: [APD] Help on copper sulphate solution

I believe BRiaN Forsythe wrote this email section below:
> I don't know what form the Copper (II) Sulphate is in since it's not
> something I'm familiar with, but I'll assume it's pentahydrate.  This
> is the best case, anyway (if it weren't, the Cu concentration would be
> even higher).  The Cu concentration of ppm in your example would be
> approximately: 1.2% * (10000ppm / %) * (29 [atomic # of Cu] / 250
> [molar mass of CuSO4·5H2O]) = almost 1400 ppm.  Sounds pretty high to
> me, like a guarantee you'd kill everything.
> Or did you mean you were adding a 1.2% solution to some volume of
> water?  If so, you've got to let us know the volume.

Thanks for that Brian.
I've to get the level of Copper under 800ug/l which is suppose to be the 
min. toxic level for the animal.
So any idea the volume of water required?

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...

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