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[APD] Getting plants from the LFS

Personally, I'd advise against getting your plants from the LFS,
especially when you're just starting. A disturbingly large proportion
of what they sell are bog plants, which will die if they stay

Buying online is a better way to go. For about $100, I got enough from
http://www.azgardens.com/ to stock my entire 100-gallon. I'm sure
others here can recommend sites that are equally good.

The cheapest way, of course, is to find some local enthusiasts, as
they'll have plenty of cuttings they can give you for free.

--- Dan Barrett <dansbdk at verizon_net> wrote:

> Thank you Jim for the welcome!
> I have been reading til my eye balls are numb! LOL  I'm more than
> ready to jump in! 
> I hope to plant up my 55 gallon soon, the only problem is I'm finding
> that plants are expensive at my LFS! And being disabled, with a fixed
> income, it's making it a bit difficult to get the plants needed to
> get started! But, hopefully I can save up, and get some soon.
> Thanks again for the welcome!
>  Dan in Va

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