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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 55, Issue 5

At 18:37 on 9 Mar 2008 Mary E. Sweeney held forth, thusly:

> Hmmm. Yes, I've asked them, and they don't know what type bark it
> is or much of anything about it. I'm inquiring whether anyone here
> has any experience with this type of thing. 

Without a picture or at least a description, it's impossible to tell 
you whether or not that particular bark is likely to be safe or 
effective in your tank.

I've used several types of natural wood and bark in aquariums and 
paludariums. The most common "bark" I've seen for sale is cork bark, 
which is perfectly safe, but floats. Unless it's siliconed to 
something fixed or heavy, it will not stay submerged. 

If you can post links to these vendors, maybe someone can tell what 
it is they're offering for sale.


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