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[APD] Choosing wood

I believe Mary E. Sweeney wrote this email section below:
> Hmmm. Yes, I've asked them, and they don't know what type bark it is or much
> of anything about it. I'm inquiring whether anyone here has any experience
> with this type of thing. 

They admit to selling something they don't know anything about?
I'd give it a wide berth then.
Basically you don't want to put softwood in your tank as the oils in the 
wood will leak out. Hardwood is suppose to be ok.

for more detail on choosing wood.

There is a number of foreign countries selling bark stripped off trees or 
cutting down much needed trees without taking heed of their environmental 

I'm thinking of African Mopani wood in particular here.
Local Africans are stripping their trees to feed our habit...

(Gosh, buying anything these days seems to mean taking a moral judgement 
doesn't it?)

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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