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Re: [APD] Fluoride in water


I have not heard of any significant problems that fluoride in drinking water
has caused is fresh water aquaria, to plants, fish, or invertebrates.  A
Google search also did not reveal any problems.

Fluoridation of water supplies is often a contentious issue.  A very small
number of people are opposed to it.  Some will cite studies that show that
it has caused numerous medical problems.  It's safe to say that the
overwhelming consensus among public health professionals is that
fluoridation is beneficial and safe.

I added that last paragraph for informational purposes, just in case someone
else replies with a "study" that shows that fluoride kills plants, fish, and
aquarium keepers.

(Is this an example of "poisoning the wells" fallacy?  No, I am just trying
to keep the water supply pure. <g>)


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