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[APD] Red Tiger Lotus Bulb

I have 3 or 4 Red Tiger Lotus Bulbs in my 90 gallon tank tight now, and they
are doing terrific.  How can I dry them out or remove them from the tank and
save them for use at a later time?  They are doing so well that I have gone
into the tank and hacked off all of the leaves several times so I could get
some light to the rest of my plants on more than one occasion.  I want to
remodel my tank and don't want to keep them in there.  I don't want to
totally loose them since they are a neat plant and sometimes hard to find
around here.  When I bought them they were in a dry package and looked like
they could sit on the shelf for quite a while.  Any help you can give is
always great.


Matt W.

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