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[APD] the last few days

Hi folks,

Just thought I'd give a shout about the last few days here in stormy  
northern California.  I ordered some Vallisneria nana and Hydrocotyle  
leucocephala on Dec 30 and they were shipped to me on the 31st.  On  
Friday the 4th, they arrived in my mail box, but also on the 4th a  
nasty storm hit NoCal.  Our power went out on Friday at 9.30 AM and  
was off until Saturday evening at 8PM.  Because of the storm, I got my  
mail from my neighbor at 4PM. During the power outage, the house  
stayed between 60 and 68 by burning wood in the fireplace, but the  
fish tank cooled considerably.  I placed the new plants (in plastic)  
on top of the tank, inside the canopy and left them, hoping the power  
would come on.  The power did come on, I reset the mechanical/ 
electrical timer and just waited to see what would happen.  This AM, I  
got up early and went out, returning home about 1PM.  I hoped that the  
new plants in plastic weren't cooked by the lights (on since about 10  
AM).  I unwrapped them and let them float in the water.  This  
afternoon, about 4, I did some siphoning and cleaning and pruning,  
then planted the new plants.

I hope things go well.

Q:  Is it OK to run a Fluval 205 on its side?  I'd sure like to lay it  
on its side, on a shelf in my stand instead of having it sitting  
outside the stand.


John F. Hess, Davis California   johnfhess at comcast_net

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